Clubhouse Information

If any member in good standing wishes to use the club house for an event of some kind, they must fill out the form below and submit it to the Board of Directors for consideration at least one Board Meeting in advance. The Board usually meets the first Monday of every month. We do not usually have a Board Meeting in December. If you need to know when we can consider your request, or if time becomes an issue, please e-mail or call a Board Member to insure your request will be considered. Fill out the form online, print the form, then send to the post office address listed on our home page, or call a Board Member.

Clubhouse Reservation Form

Non-members to abide by all club rules and are not to be outside the clubhouse area without member escort. If guests use other club facilities with the member, all guest rules and fees apply.

Upon completion of the event, the area is to be returned to state found upon arrival; clean with chairs and table stowed properly.

Member must be present at all times. Do not leave non-member on the grounds before or after the event. All non-members should remain in their vehicle until member arrives.

  • General Guidelines
    To be updated. Contact the OSC Board for more information.
  • Amenities
    Gas grill, refrigerator, sink, stove/oven, all are for members to use. Any equipment that needs repair, please contact the board.
  • Kitchen
    The kitchen is for member use and should be cleaned immediately after use. Please be conscious of other members and know that there has been a problem with mice so keep everything clean.