Becoming a Member


Applications are available and accepted year round. Applications are available online and in the  clubhouse.

Approved applicants will be accepted for membership on the second Saturday of February and the second Saturday of July.

All applicants must be approved by vote of the Board of Directors.

Deadlines for applications to be considered for the February membership class is the 15th of December of the previous year, and for the July class the 15th of  May.

All applicants must be recommended by a current club member in good standing and have a letter of recommendation from the member. Letters from more than one member are acceptable. This letter should be typewritten and go into some detail about their knowledge of the applicant, and reasons the applicant should be considered for membership.

The applicant must also submit a typewritten letter stating their reasons for seeking  membership, a brief biography, and what contributions they may bring to the organization. The quality and content of these letters will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and may  contribute to their decisions on a candidate.

The completed application and these two supporting documents must either be mailed or emailed to the Club. The respective addresses are on the application   form.

All applicants must make themselves available for an interview by the Membership Committee of the Board of Directors. This committee will then make a recommendation to the Board to either accept or reject the applicant.

Upon a vote by the Board on the application, a written or e-mail notice will be sent to the  applicant with the results of the vote. Those that are approved will be informed of the next steps in the process of membership.

$200 one time initiation  fee.
$120 annual dues for February initiation, $60 for July  initiation.
$150 Husband and Wife annual dues.

These fees are payable by check or money order on the date of initiation, cash will not be accepted.

Annual work hours, mandatory for new members, 10 hours for February initiates and 5 hours  for July Initiates.

Each member is expected to complete their mandatory worh hours prior to December 31 of each year

If you seek membership and do not know a club member, you may attend any of the Club’s open to the public events. These events are on the Club Calendar. Participate in the events and get to know some of the members, directors and what we are about. This can lead to getting to know someone well enough to get a letter of recommendation.


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