Practical Rifle & Rifle Range

Welcome to the Oconomowoc Sportsman’s Club Practical Rifle Program, where you’ll find realistic, and challenging courses of fire. There are few clubs anywhere with the facilities to put on a good rifle course, and fewer yet, with a group like “The Practical Rifle Gang”. From nostalgic WWII battle rifle courses, like the Stalingrad Match, where if you don’t have a suitable rifle, they will often provide one with ammo, to the infamous jungle runs, with targets hidden as close as a few yards, to a few further out that you may be able to spot, but will you have the skill to hit, or neutralize as they say. This is the most fun you can have with a rifle.

We ask that you keep your rifle cased, and magazines unloaded  when you’re called to the line. Listen to the Range Officer for instructions. You will be asked to tape or help score for the next shooter, or two.

The cost is $15. Re-shoots are usually available for $5.

Usually, a Conceal and Carry Weapon (CCW) side match is held concurrently on the same day as Practical Rifle. Click here for more information.

Weather Related Cancellations for Practical Rifle
Practical Rifle Events are held weather permitting. The event will NOT be held if the temperature on the day of the event is below 20 degrees F, or if there is rain/inclement weather  forecasted for the day (duration) of the event.

Cancellations will be published on the main page of this website

Poor weather conditions have not permitted us to keep to our intended Practical Rifle Schedule.

The schedule for October (27th) has been changed (Weather Permitting). The intention is to run the “Jungle Run” for the Practical Rifle activity in October with a Pistol Side Match.

Additionally, there will be a “Surprise” pistol match also scheduled for the October Practical Rifle. This Surprise Match will require an additional 60 pistol rounds.

If you intend to shoot both pistol matches, then you will need about 175 pistol rounds. You will also need about 60 rounds for the  Rifle portion of the Jungle Run.

If the weather does not permit us to do this we will revert back to the originally scheduled Long Range Match (Rifle, Shotgun) with a Pistol Side Match.

Please contact Ken Wagner or Mark Leppin with questions. All changes will be posted on the main page of this site and on the Facebook Site.

2019 Practical Rifle Schedule

2019 Practical Rifle Schedule of Activity

DateMatchLocationOther MatchLocation
Feb 24Cancelled: Stalingrad - WWII EraRange 1
Mar 24Long Range Match - 100, 200, 300 Yd.Range 1
April 282 GunRange 1ShotgunRange 2
May 192 GunRange 1Shotgun/PistolRange 2
June 232 GunRange 1Nick's Shotgun MatchRange 2
Jul 282 GunRange 1PistolRose's Cantina
Aug 25Rifle Match and Pistol Side MatchRange 1PistolRose's Cantina
Sep 222 Gun Jungle Run - Weather Permitting & Pistol Side MatchBehind Range 23 GunLower Bays
Oct 272 Gun Jungle Run with Pistol Side Match (Wx Permitting). Otherwise Long Range Match. See Web SiteRange 1PistolRose's Cantina

Practical Rifle Results
Match Results
Check the Practical Rifle Results Page to view current and past match results

Match Guidelines
In 2018, Rifle Matches will be on the fourth Sunday of each month beginning in February except where noted. Matches are held, weather permitting.

Please take a look at the calendar and table of activity above for additional activity dates

Check in 9:00 am – 11:00 am or you will not be able to shoot the match

Rules and guidelines as described below are for general information only. They may be changed, and or modified as the Match Director sees fit.

Practical Rifle – October 27,  2019 (Jungle Ru ) – Match

Pistol Side Match