Membership Info

Work hours information is available here.

Initiation Fee: $200 (plus the $100 Annual Dues = $300 for the first year)
Annual Dues: $120
Husband/Wife Annual Dues: $150

Contact our Membership Director sending an email to: for more details or use the “Contact Us” form available via tab at the top of each page to contact the Club.

Additional Information

Guest Policies
Please remember that family members MUST be with the adult member of the club and are not welcome to come by themselves or bring guests themselves.

Only TWO guests are allowed on club grounds with the current member.

Family Members
Members are welcome to bring their immediate family members to use the facilities. Current members must accompany family members and make sure to sign them in. Non-family members must pay $5 at the sign in area and you are only allowed two guests per member.

Family Members are NOT counted as a part of the two guest limit

Membership Renewal
All membership renewals for the coming year must be paid in full by December 1 of the previous year by (Membership fee for 2020 needs to be paid no later than December 1, 2019).

Failure to renew in a timely manner as specified in the Bylaws of the Club will result in your membership being suspended and eventually terminated. Annual dues can be mailed with the year’s work cards to the club P.O. box.

Please see the Restated By Laws of the Club (September 12, 2016) for more information on Membership Dues, Renewals, etc. This document is available in the “Members Only” area of this site.

Renewal dues are $120 regular member, $150 husband/wife, membership, $70 senior member.

Any member who is unable to complete their work hours may “buy out”  their un-worked work hours at the rate of $25 per un-worked hour. This payment must be included with the renewal payment.

Senior Member as defined in the rules and by-laws are exempt from work hours.

Please take a moment to review the By-Laws of the club, and the rules of the club found in the “Members Only” section of this site.