Member Testimonials

Faith in Humanity…

To whom it may concern,

I just wanted to express my sincerest gratitude to whomever did the right thing.

Doing the right thing is maybe not as common as it once was, but every now and then, you come across good people, and when that happens, it is all the more pleasant of an experience!

Recently, as I was tinkering around with the little bat issue we’re having at the clubhouse, a good friend of mine showed up at the gun club to check if his bow was still sighted in correctly for the archery hunt we had planned together the next day. He had just driven up to WI all the way from Dallas, TX, so checking his bow seemed like a good first order of business, before venturing out. So here I was, in a full Tyvek suit, goggles, and rubber gloves, the whole nine yards, greeting my friend! We signed him in as my guest, and – we needed $5 for a guest fee!

As we were trying to come up with 5 Bucks between the two of us, I checked to see if I had any $5 bills in an envelope of cash I had on me at the time.  That’s when I must have either dropped that envelope or somehow left it on the little table with the sign in log book. Scatter brain – I know!

Two days later, I am looking for that envelope, and – oh no, it’s gone! OMG, I am not sure how much money was in there, but I remembered it was a good amount of all $20 bills, not a five in it! After some excruciating moments of old age forgetfulness, turning every couch cushion in the house, and asking myself “where could I have possibly left it???”, it finally came to me: I must have left it at the gun club!!! That was definitely the last time I remembered seeing it!

I thought it was a long shot! But it sure couldn’t hurt, and it was also my last and only resort to even potentially recovering that money. So, I checked with Katherine Messmann (Kitty), if anybody had found a white envelope full of $20 bills at the club. Probably not, I know, but it was worth a try, right?

Low and behold, the next day Kitty calls me early in the morning and says: “Somebody found your money!”

Well, to say that made my day would be an understatement! It restored my FAITH in HUMANITY!!!

A complete stranger had the honesty, after finding that envelope, to fix my mistake for me and turn it in! That person could have easily kept the money and said nothing, but for some reason he or she didn’t think that was the right thing to do. Instead, that person contacted Bruce Michaels, and he told Kitty about the find.

So, thank you stranger! I hope I can express my gratitude to you soon, and I promise, the next time I find an envelope full of money, I will do the same, right thing! As they say, “What goes around, comes around!”