Practical Rifle & Rifle Range

Welcome to the Oconomowoc Sportsman’s Club Practical Rifle Program, where you’ll find realistic, and challenging courses of fire. There are few clubs anywhere with the facilities to put on a good rifle course, and fewer yet, with a group like “The Practical Rifle Gang”. From nostalgic WWII battle rifle courses, like the Stalingrad Match, where if you don’t have a suitable rifle, they will often provide one with ammo, to the infamous jungle runs, with targets hidden as close as a few yards, to a few further out that you may be able to spot, but will you have the skill to hit, or neutralize as they say. This is the most fun you can have with a rifle.

We ask that you keep your rifle cased, and magazines unloaded  when you’re called to the line. Listen to the Range Officer for instructions. You will be asked to tape or help score for the next shooter, or two.

The cost is $15. Re-shoots are usually available for $5.

Usually, a Conceal and Carry Weapon (CCW) side match is held concurrently on the same day as Practical Rifle. Click here for more information.

Weather Related Cancellations for Practical Rifle
Practical Rifle Events are held weather permitting. The event will NOT be held if the temperature on the day of the event is below 20 degrees F, or if there is rain/inclement weather  forecasted for the day (duration) of the event.

Cancellations will be published on the main page of this website

2018 Practical Rifle Schedule

DateMatch Title
February 25Stalingrad (WX Permitting) Range #1
March 25Rifle-Pistol Combo - Range #1
April 22Long Range 1, 2, 300Yds, With Side Match Pistol/Shotgun Range #2
May 203 Gun Match Ranges #1 & #2. 22 Plinking Match on Plinking Range
June 103 Gun Match in Pistol Bays. Signup ends 8:30am. You will be Squaded
June 242 Gun Shoot (Rifle Pistol)
Plinking Match - Plinking Range. No .22 field course on Range #2
July 222 Gun Match (Rifle-Pistol) on Rifle Range. 22 Field Course on Range #2
August 26Rifle-Pistol Combo on Range 1 with .22RF Match on Range 2 & The Flagpole Range
September 93 Gun Match in Pistol Bays. Signup ends at 11:00am.
September 23Rifle-Pistol Combo. Jungle Run is Cancelled
October 1422 rim fire match, 7 stages : 2-range one, 2-range , 2-flag pole range, one-Rose's.
a course description to follow.
October 28Rifle/Pistol Combo on Range One

Practical Rifle Results
Match Results
Check the Practical Rifle Results Page to view current and past match results

Match Guidelines
In 2018, Rifle Matches will be on the fourth Sunday of each month beginning in February except where noted. Matches are held, weather permitting.

Please take a look at the calendar and table of activity above for additional activity dates

Check in 9:00 am – 11:00 am or you will not be able to shoot the match

Rules and guidelines as described below are for general information only. They may be changed, and or modified as the Match Director sees fit.

2 Gun Shoot – October 28, 2018

Rifle Pistol Shoot – September 23, 2018 (Jungle Run – CANCELLED)

The Jungle Run has been cancelled due to bad course conditions caused as a result of the wet weather

A CCW Side Match will also be held at Rosies Cantina – 27 rounds 3 stages strong hand , weak hand

3 Gun Shoot Stages – Sept 9, 2018

2 Gun (Rifle-Pistol) Shoot July 22, 2018

2 Gun Match for June 24, 2018 (Jungle Run has been CANCELLED)

The jungle run has been canceled. We will have a 2 gun stage, and several rimfire stages instead.

The 2 gun match will be on range 2. The Description is shown below.

We will also have 5 or 6 rimfire stages. They will consist of no more than 10 rounds at any shooting position. Bring at least 100 rounds of ammo. There will be 2 or 3 stages on the flagpole range, which will be shot from approximately 30 yards. There will be 3 or 4 stages on range 1, which will be shot from 25 yards to 100 yards. There will be different classes for different rifles. We will post more information as we get things finalized.

3 Gun Match Scheduled for June 10, 2018

The 3 gun match on June 10th will consist of 5 stages. This will be down on the pistol bays, so everything will be pretty close range. Each stage will average 8 – 10 pistol, 8 – 10 rifle, and 6 – 8 shotgun. The total  minimum round count should be around 50 pistol, 40 rifle, and 40 shotgun.

Please be at the clubhouse by 7:45 for registration. Shooters will be squadded and we will start shooting about 9:00. No registrations will be accepted after 9:00.  

CANCELLED: Practical Rifle May 20, (Rescheduled Date)
22 Plinking Match on the Plinking Range (By the Flag Pole)

The cancellation is due to range conditions. We apologize for the cancellation and regret any inconvenience this may have caused

Practical Rifle – (3 Gun) Shoot – April 22, 2018 April 29, 2018 (Rescheduled)

Side Match

Practical Rifle – (Rifle-Pistol) Shoot – March 25, 2018