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October Rimfire Activity – Sunday October 14, 2018

Rimfire Hunter Warm-up

This match is designed to test your rifle skills as a hunter.  If you can hunt, you can shoot this match without problem.  However, if you want to win this match, you have to have the skills to do so.  Whether you are hunting deer or squirrels, typically there are only three shooting positions that you will use:  offhand/standing, sitting, and supported, either with shooting sticks or the nearest tree or fence post. Nobody is going to carry sandbags around in the woods.  The emphasis here is to test your shooting skill not your physical limitations.    There will be no running and the walking between stages will be limited.  There will be no prone or predetermined contortions at any stage.

The theme of this shoot is hunting so the course of fire is geared to what you would actually use in a hunting situation.  First, when you go hunting, you will have already sighted-in your equipment and be ready to go.  On opening morning you have to go with what you brought. Therefore, there will be no sighting shots.  There will be no sandbags allowed. You can have a bipod on your rifle.  You can have a sling on your rifle.  You can have cross sticks or a tripod.   Whatever you decide you need for supporting your rifle but you must carry what you chose with you throughout the match.

Your score will have a 50% bonus if you shoot the entire course with a sling.  If you shoot the course without sling, sticks, bipod, or tripod, i.e. totally unsupported by anything except your own body,  the score will be doubled. 

Rifle:  .22lr, any action, any sights, any modification, suppressors allowed

Shooter must have chamber flag to employ when moving between stages

Positions:  Three positions only:  seated, standing, supported.

Supporting devices: shooter chooses one of the following for the entire match:

  • None – double points
  • Sling – 50% bonus
  • cross sticks,
  • tripod
  • bipod, or
  • monopod

Seated: Shooter may use chair provided or bring a chair
May shoot unsupported or with sling, tripod, bipod, monopod, or cross sticks (no bags allowed)

Standing: Shooter may shoot offhand, with support devices as outlined above.

Supported: A structure will be provided by RO and shooter must use the structure for support but in any way the shooter wishes.


1st stage: Blind, seated 5 reactive targets left, 5 right, blind may not be used for support.

2nd stage: Off hand 10 targets

3rd stage:  Supported 10 shots

4th stage:  Tie breaker 25 targets-  British bench rest paper targets for score shot off the picnic bench.

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