Practical Rifle Results

Practical Rifle – July 23, 2017 – 3 Gun Shoot Results

The Match results from our July 23rd 3 Gun Match are now posted on PractiScore.

 OSC 3GN Mulligan Jul 23 2017

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Practical Rifle – March 26, 20117 – 2 Gun

This Match was cancelled due to the weather

Practical Rifle – February 26, 2016 – Stalingrad Shoot

RankSemi-Auto210 Poss. PointsBolt Action210 Poss. Points
1Ken Wagner152Brad Stamp192
2Steve Allermann145Jerry Pasutin176
3John Duncan126Don Hoppe (2:33)172
4Tom Foti124Devin Kinney (2:48)172
5Frank Liska112Paul Schweitzer144
6Josh Kinney106J.D. Beenken102
7Craig Wagner40Mike McGarthy46
8Jared Epker10Scott Heffner16
Mike McGarthy128

Thanks to all the help taping and scoring. Congrats to Brad Stamp and Ken Wagner our match winners. Nice seeing new shooters. Be here for our March match which will be a rifle/ pistol combo match. Bring at least 50 rds. for your rifle and pistol. See you on the 26th. of  March. 2017, weather permitting.