Myron Althaus

Plaque Dedicated to Myron Althaus

Plaque in memory of Myron Althaus

A special meeting of the Board of Directors was held at OSC to honor Myron Althaus and accept two gifts from his daughter, Dr. Sandy Althaus.  Present were Board members Frank Liska, Cliff Gregg, Ken Wagner, Tom Foti, Peter Lehmann, Nick Manriques, Mark Leppin, Tony Watts, Feroz Ghouse, Paul Gritmaker, and Tom Kinny, members of the Althaus family, and members of OSC who knew Myron, particularly some of the Buffalo League shooters.   A small luncheon was enjoyed by all before the meeting.  Special kudos to Tammy and Tony Watts for taking care of the food and Kitty Messman, while not being able to attend the festivities herself, made sure that all the utensils, plates, napkins, etc were stocked as well as the soda machine filled with water and soda.  The lunch was a great success.

The formal ceremonies began after lunch. Upon calling the meeting to order and calling the roll, Dr. Althaus was invited to present her gifts to the club and to make some remarks about her father’s life and how much her relationship meant to her.  The floor was open further remarks from both the

Althaus family and members of the Buffalo League who shot with Myron over the years.  Without going into details, all the stories shared a common theme of wit, humor, and pathos that brought smiles and a few tears.  There is no doubt Myron was much loved and enjoyed a life well-lived.   What was also clear from the family was the extent to which Myron loved OSC. All of the family who spoke during the gathering placed special emphasis on bringing youth into the shooting sports just as Myron brought all of them into the shooting and hunting tradition.  It was noted by them how our .22lr program was important to that effort.

Vice=President Frank Liska receives the donation from Dr. Sandy Althaus

The Board then, upon motion and second, unanimously and without objection, accepted the gift of Dr. Althaus and her family on behalf of her father. The subject matter of the special meeting having been concluded, the meeting was adjourned.

The Board member took the Althaus family for a tour of the Club and its facilities.  We must of done it right as one of the family who lives in the Milton area requested (and got) a membership application.

I personally want to thank all the members of the Board and club members who showed up today to make this happen.  Dr. Althaus is going to continue her relationship with us and has given us the authority to use the money given as long as we recognize Myron when we do.  Thank you all.

Myro’s Brother With Myron’s Daughter Sandy at the presentation