N5799 Mill Road, Town of Concord, Wisconsin 53178

 Greetings OSC Members and Guests!

The “OSC” is  located just west of Oconomowoc, off Highway F in Sullivan, Wisconsin. The Oconomowoc Sportsman’s Club offers the outdoors person the finest educational, recreational grounds and facilities in the area.

Club Closed For All Activity!
The OSC will be closed for ALL activity during the 9 Day Gun Shooting Season beginning on the 17th of November and ending on the 25th of November (Evening)

Click Here for more information from the Wisconsin DNR

Notice of Closure
Lower Bay “A” (The Bay closest to the Rifle Range 300 yard targets) is CLOSED for general shooting. NO Shooting is permitted in this bay till further notice!

Site Updates & News

Minutes of the November meeting of the Board are now available

Club By-Laws and Rules have been updated. Please review them here

Important Information - By-Laws and Rules Changes

OSC Members,

Please note that over the past two board of directors meeting that the OSC by-laws have changed.  The new by-laws are posted on the website for your review.  Also on the website are the board of director meeting minutes showing the details of how the change was made.  The following is a summary of what has changed.

  • In the June board meeting X. Budget was added to the by-laws to insure that the board of directors sets an annual budget as well as three year capital budget.  This insures a level of fiscal responsibility on the part of the board.
  • In the July board of directors Meeting III. Members section 3. Membership was updated to require OSC members to also be NRA members.  2019 renewals will require proof of NRA membership for renewal.  The board feels that due to the current political climate in the country that we must stand with those that stand with us.  To think that the NRA provided more help to elect our current president than the republican party puts this in perspective.  Note: This change also is reflected in the revision 19 OSC Rules (also posted on the website

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