N5799 Mill Road, Town of Concord, Wisconsin 53178

 Greetings OSC Members and Guests!

The “OSC” is  located just west of Oconomowoc, off Highway F in Sullivan, Wisconsin. The Oconomowoc Sportsman’s Club offers the outdoors person the finest educational, recreational grounds and facilities in the area.

Notice of Closure
Lower Bay “A” (The Bay closest to the Rifle Range 300 yard targets) is CLOSED for general shooting. NO Shooting is permitted in this bay till further notice!

Property Missing from Club!

One of our members had three African animal mounts stored on the west wall of the indoor archery range since June of this year. These mounts  last seen on Thursday the 5th of September.

The mounts were noticed missing by the owner and the Members of the Board when they came to setup for the Club picnic on Saturday morning (7th).

These trophies were not abandoned nor were they discarded by the owner.   We ask that the mounts be returned to the Club without question so they could be given back to the owner.

Site Updates & News

Practical Rifle Page has been updated with changes for the activity in October.

Any Members who are Word Press Experts: Please contact me via the contact form. Need help troubleshooting the website. Help will count towards your hours!

The Rifle Range will not be available for general use on the following days:
 – First Friday of each Month beginning at 12:00pm – Setup for Rimfire Match
– First Saturday of each Month from 8:00am – 3:00pm – Rim-fire Match

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