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N5799 Mill Road, Town of Concord, Wisconsin 53178

 Greetings OSC Members and Guests!

The “OSC” is  located just west of Oconomowoc, off Highway F in Sullivan, Wisconsin. The Oconomowoc Sportsman’s Club offers the outdoors person the finest educational, recreational grounds and facilities in the area.

Important Information

The Pile of “Stuff” on top of the Hill was burned last night (26th.) by the Sullivan Fire Department and it is still smoldering.  So you might smell smoke. Because the old “stuff” was so compacted and still wet, it did not all burn completely. The fire is still smoldering. – Kitty Messmann

Minutes of the June Board Meeting are now available in the Members Only Section

Additional Club Workdays:  July 22nd. 9:00 am to 4:00pm

The OSC has items for sale to the general membership. Please click here to see these items. Instructions on how to get more information, or how to make an offer are available on the page.


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